Bitumen Packing

Bitumen is a highly viscous liquid; so its packaging is very important considering the factors like cost, environment, storage, and shipping. The bitumen packaging classifies to three different types such as new steel drum; jumbo bag; and bulk that according to their specification, bitumen volume and weight, the best type of packaging will be chosen.

Steel Drum

Drum is the common packaging of bitumen due to its safety and consistent quality. It varies dependent on bitumen volume, height, thickness and lid. The most widely used type of drums is long new steel drum that is chosen by more than 80% of our customers.

Renwar Company has its own steel drum manufacturing factory which has a capacity of 5000 drum/day. These drums are made of cold-rolled steel and are black coated immediately in order to prevent corrosion and rust.

Item Normal Drum (180 KG) Short Drum (150KG)
Content Weight 180±2 kg 150 ±2 kg
Plate Grade DC-01 DC-01
Origin Isfahan Mobarakeh Complex Isfahan Mobarakeh Complex
Height of Drum 980 mm 830mm
Diameter of Drum 500±2 mm 500±2 mm
Diameter of Lid 100±2 mm 100±2 mm
Plate Thickness (Body) 0.6 mm 0.6 mm
Plate Thickness (Top&Bottom) 0.6 mm 0.6 mm
Drum Weight 9.3 ± 0.2kg 8.3±0.2 kg